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Magic Selfie Mirror

We are very pleased to announce the arrival of the incredible Magic Selfie Mirror, the newest must have open air photo booth. Its the perfect way to keep your guests entertained whilst creating lasting memories.

Selfie Time

Our amazing Magic Mirror photo booth is completely new and fully interactive. The Magic Selfie Mirror not only takes full length photos and prints them out instantly, but also gives you a fun & impressive response with every pose as it’s fully animated. After each camera shot the photo booth responds by speaking to you and displaying exciting visuals and images on screen.

Once you’ve posed for your pictures, the Mirror allows your guests to directly write a message onto the screen that will print straight onto your photos.


  • Touch screen technology

  • Gorgeous frame

  • L.E.D frame lighting

  • Neon images

  • Sign your picture

  • emojis

  • Magic camera eye

  • Flash lighting

  • Branded side covers

  • Audio sound bar

  • logo’s

  • Plus lots more…

Not only does everyone that visits the Magic Selfie Mirror receive a quality printed photo to keep but you also get to sign your photos or even add some emojis too. All photos are printed within 10 seconds using our superb high quality dry sub printer and dispensed below the Magic Mirror as the perfect souvenir for your guests to keep.

These prints can be customised with names, dates, hashtags and logos allowing for the perfect reminder of a memorable time.

It is perfect for any event including weddings, parties, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, corporate events & promotions. Why not be one of the first to hire this fantastic new product.

You can find out more information on our Magic Selfie Mirror here.

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